Monday, January 29, 2007

Marlys Popma: ..."John McCain is best equipped to win this race and lead the country"

At Race42008 Marlys Popma, noted social conservative and two-time Executive Director of the Iowa GOP, tells readers why she decided to board the Straight Talk Express.

The wide ranging interview ranges from questions about judges, to abortion and maintaining the the role of traditional marriage. Here Popma describes John McCain's appeal to social conservatives:

R4′08: If you were to speak with a social conservative who was completely unfamiliar with the candidates in the 2008 field and was trying to make up their mind as to who they should support, how would you differentiate between the records of Sen. McCain and other candidates, such as Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. Sam Brownback, and Gov. Mike Huckabee?

My job is to let fellow social conservatives know that Senator John McCain is the best overall candidate in this race. He has a conservative record that stands on its own. It is important that people who care about life, marriage, protection of families and the strong Judeo Christian principles under which this country was founded know that of all the candidates, John McCain is best equipped to win this race and lead the country. He also has a better grasp of foreign policy than ANY person in the race, he has been a determined fiscal hawk, and he has a consistent record on the issues that matter most to me.

STIS is pleased to hear that Popma and company are on board for the campaign. Her experience along with Maxine Sieleman's efforts will undoubtedly help McCain in Iowa.

H/T to Caucus Cooler on this one


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You have strayed from the progressive path of your ancestors.
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