Friday, December 22, 2006

McCain On Top

A KCCI poll is out showing that McCain is on top in Iowa among caucus goers.

If the 2008 Republican Caucus were held today, Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain would be the top vote-getter, with 27 percent of Iowa Republicans polled saying they would pick him. Republican Rudy Guiliani was second with 26 percent, and Republican Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was third with only 9 percent of votes overall.

The poll is good news and welcome validation for McCain going into the Holidays after which he and his team will finalize their pre-announcement plans. Surprising to many was Romney's failure to garner more than ten percent. Claims suggesting Romney's Iowa organization is robust may be true, but ordinary caucus-goers don't seem intrigued by his candidacy. Interesting, given the amount of time he has spent here.

At the same time be wary of this poll given KCCI's past polling issues. STIS knows that Team McCain is not taking anything for granted and will be working Iowa and every other state hard for every vote until Election Day.


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