Friday, November 10, 2006

Presidential Exploratory Committee Forthcoming

McCain set to announce Presidential Exploratory Committee setup is imminent.

From ABC News:

His party may have taken "a thumpin'," in the words of President Bush, but ABC News has learned that Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and his political team have decided it's full steam ahead for his 2008 presidential campaign. Although no absolute, final decision has been made, sources close to McCain say on Wednesday in Phoenix, he and a half dozen of his top aides huddled and decided to proceed more formally with his quest for the White House.


A presidential exploratory committee will be set up this month — perhaps as early as next week.

Staff is already on the ground in the key early states along with committee co-chairs and plenty of elected officials to help organize turnout.

Straight Talk Iowa Style predicts the Straight Talk Express will be rolling into Iowa and elsewhere shortly.


At 6:20 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm from Iowa, not there now, but family still there. I can't imagine McCain fooling the people I know and knew in Iowa. Besides really being a democrat, his desire for the media to like him makes him a media lap dog (or cat). At least Hillary doesn't go out of her way to kiss ass with the media. She would be less inclined to do something really stupid in the hopes that the media would "like" her, like McCain will do.

At 6:09 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't McCain say he would have to "commit suicide" if the Democrats took majority control of the U.S. Senate last week?

At 5:24 PM PST, Blogger murphy said...

Dear straight-talk guys,

Kudos for having the testicular fortitude to allow people to post comments unflattering to McCain on your site. I've noticed that this trend isn't as widespread as it should be for supporters of the "straight-talk express". (i.e. michiganformccain and others)

At 8:37 PM PST, Blogger Straight Talk Iowa Style said...

Murphy et. al.:

We've done things that would make you blush. We're not worried about comments that knock the big guy around.

Besides we not only have the onions needed to see thing through we have the intellectual firepower to deal with name calling and bomb-throwing.

Best, STIS


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