Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Novak: McCain, Fight in Iowa or Go Home

Bob Novak must have been reading this blog. STIS laid out efforts being made that indicated McCain wants to compete and win in Iowa months ago. From Novak today:

If McCain were to skip Iowa and then lose to, or narrowly defeat, Romney in New Hampshire, he would then risk being shut out through the Southern states' presidential primaries, nearly putting him out of contention. By the time the Michigan primary rolls around, McCain's credibility could be seriously diminished, and his home-state primary would become meaningless rather than being a momentum-building win that contributes to his image as the inevitable candidate.

Novak goes on to say that McCain needs to commit to Iowa:

[A] strong showing in Iowa would give him [McCain] momentum for New Hampshire that could carry over to the next set of states, including Missouri and South Carolina.

We have commented extensively on McCain utilizing an organizational strategy similiar to GWB in 1999. It's also McCain himself who has admitted that competing in Iowa would be neccessary to winning the nomination.

Novak goes on to wrongfully state that McCain's sore spot is ethanol:

McCain's biggest problem in Iowa has always been ethanol, which critics deride as an energy-losing fuel additive which the government only mandates in order to appease farmers and artificially inflate their crops' value. McCain, always an anti-porker, has always opposed it as a bad deal for his non-agricultural state. In fact, nearly all politicians from coastal and mountain states reject ethanol and vote against it, but farm states hold a huge majority in the Senate, and the agricultural-industrial lobby is so powerful that massive ethanol mandates are not going to disappear anytime soon.

We disagree with Novak and have written about this extensively. Engery issues are a greater part of the national security debate and that's McCain's strong suit. Rolling energy issues into the greater national security debate will allow McCain bleedover crediblity on the issue. Also, McCain reasserted his support for ethanol in August in Council Bluffs.

Further, influential Iowa activists have dismissed the national media's assertion that ethanol is a loser for McCain. Burt Day spoke out about ethanol and McCain during the state fair.


At 8:29 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

At 12:21 PM PST, Blogger The Real Sporer said...

Fortunately for all Iowa Republicans, it certainly appears that Sen. McCain recognizes the importance of Iowa in the national nomination process.

As Iowa Republicans we have to welcome every candidate so that everyone in the country can observe the fairness and equity of the caucus process to candidates of varying level of fame and finance.

We are excited to work with Senator McCain.


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