Sunday, October 15, 2006

Senator Thune: I am not on McCain's VP list...

We posted earlier last month that South Dakota Senator John Thune invited McCain to our media market to the north (Sioux Falls, SD).

At the time we speculated that their relationship, their trip to Iraq and access to a media market that broadcasts into Iowa were all probable reasons for McCain accepting an invite to speak in South Dakota.

The Associated Press reports today that: (hat tip to South Dakota Politics)

U.S. Sen. John McCain, a GOP front-runner for president in 2008, plans to visit South Dakota Tuesday. The Arizona Republican will be the main speaker at the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce's 100th annual meeting.

They also went to Iraq together and Thune said he saw firsthand how McCain, a prisoner of war during Vietnam, has credibility with the military and other countries. "The troops love him. And because of his experience they have tremendous respect for him," Thune said. "Every place we went these world leaders had a very high regard for him."

Thune, who unseated former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle in 2004, said he is not on McCain's list of possible vice presidential running-mates. But when Thune was asked to invite McCain to the chamber meeting, he did use its proximity to one of the first presidential contests as a selling point. "I told him we shared a border with Iowa and he may be able to get some Iowa media interest," Thune said.


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