Friday, October 13, 2006

McCain Up By Double Digits in NH

John McCain has the support of a plurality of voters in the Granite State.

The Granite State Poll, taken in mid September by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center for WMUR-TV, found that McCain was favored by 32-percent of likely Republican voters; Rudy Giuliani by 19 percent, Romney by 15-percent and Condi Rice by 10 percent. The poll was released Thursday night.

Paralelling this is the Draft McCain Movement making gains in NH.

The Draft McCain Movement folks were out in full force recently at the NH GOP Convention:

Concord, NH - On Saturday, September 30, New Hampshire citizens saw the greatestoutpouring of grassroots support for Senator John McCain since McCain's 2000primary victory in the state. Activists, part of a nationwide network known asthe Draft McCain Movement, came from as far away as Indiana and as close asBoston to rally public momentum for a McCain presidential run with an outreacheffort at the New Hampshire State Republican Convention.

"No other prominent contenders for the 2008 GOP nomination had grassrootsefforts there, while we had 8 volunteers from across the country," said Szrom."The scale of and response to our presence shows that Americans want McCain,more than anyone else, to be their next president."

Head out to the IA College Republican Rock Out on Saturday if you get a chance. It's at Drake we hear with speakers in the afternoon.


At 9:58 AM PDT, Blogger winin08 said...

McCain will win NH, no doubt about it. The voters there know Mittless too well. The big question is Iowa...will Mitt fool enough pro-life and social conservative voters who rightfully should be for Governor Huckabee and thus challenge McCain, or not.

At 5:12 PM PDT, Blogger Straight Talk Iowa Style said...

McCain is leveraged well for a NH win...strategically it means more resources for the early Southern States and Iowa.

Remember, McCain has "Frontrunner's Dilemna" meaning that he will have to win in Iowa in order to avoid a broadside from a third place candidate. So, look for Iowa to be a key part of McCain 08.


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