Wednesday, September 06, 2006

McCain and John Thune

Here's an interesting story about the relationship between John McCain and South Dakota dragon slayer Senator John Thune, the guy who beat Tom Daschle in 04.

Word is that McCain and Thune have spent some considerable time together most recently on an 18 hour plane ride to Iraq, where they become very chummy, several months ago and have become buds through the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Recently Thune announced that he was bringing McCain to his homestate of South Dakota to speak at a venue which routinely draws more than 1300 people each year.

Look for Thune to play a part in helping McCain become President and win Iowa. One rock star helping another could be a potent combination for success. (Yes that is a prediction that Thune will endorse McCain should McCain run.)

Here's the Straight Talk Iowa Style tie-in:

Northwest Iowa is bombarded by the Sioux Falls, South Dakota media market and NW Iowa caucus goers are comfortable with Thune. He's on their televisions nightly and during election season. (This bleed over is similiar to what happens in Sioux City to NE and the QC to IL markets) We know this because we see him all the time.

Straight Talk Iowa Style remembers when John Thune came to several counties during the caucuses on behalf of George W. Bush, the crowds loved his surrogacy speech. In particular there were several appearances made by then-Cong. Thune and Cong. J.C. Watts on caucus night in Lyon and Sioux counties. With Thune's expanded role in the national GOP election and fundraising operations look for Thune to be courted heavily by 08 contenders.


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