Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Iowa Poll Good News for McCain

We've been out working at our real jobs so we apologize for being a little slow on the uptake. Honor does require us to show you the results of the most recent Iowa poll, which by now you have probably already seen.

The Des Moines Register reported Sunday that Senator John McCain would defeat four lead Democrats in a head to head match-up. What's striking about the Iowa poll is that it is not new news. McCain has been beating Dems in national head-to-head polling for the past six to eight months. This poll validates the notion that Iowa accurately reflects the nation's mood in regards to it's respect for John McCain.

On the Republican side, the Iowa Poll's findings that Giuliani and McCain are finding a receptive audience here are consistent with national polls pointing to them as strong contenders should they jump into the presidential race.


"I like McCain. ... He could side on a Democratic issue if it was in the nation's best interests, but he's still very Republican," [Brian] Vaudt said.

Straight Talk Iowa Style beleives that John McCain will have a solid platform to start from after the '06 elections. The next step is getting his boots on the ground and working the people.


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