Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When Burt Day Speaks We Listen

Here's McCain yucking it up at the Iowa State Fair Grounds.

(AP Photo)

Burt Day, Republican Elder and long time go-to-guy, had some great on the ground common-sense words that really serve to counteract the Iowa 2000 story line pushed by the main-stream-media yesterday. The QC Times has it here:

Burtwin Day, a retired banker and former Iowa Republican Central Committee member from Grinnell, said he doesn’t believe Iowans will hold a grudge against McCain because he skipped the caucuses .“I think he’s a very viable candidate,” Day said. “The real partisan people might have a question about that. Every election is a new election.”

And while McCain hasn't fully embraced the role ethanol must play in our National Security Strategy he is getting warmer:

On ethanol, McCain said high oil prices and convincing evidence of climate change have changed his mind about the value of ethanol. But he still opposes using federal tax breaks to help the industry. “I don’t support any subsidies,” McCain said. “But I am a strong supporter of ethanol because I don’t see any scenario where the price of oil is going to go back down again.”

Long-range strategic thinkers correctly understand that with ethanol it means fewer dollars are going to foreign countries that finance and support terrorism. The world paradigm shift that took place for certain on 9-11 is justification enough for McCain to have shifted his views on ethanol. We know that John McCain get's it. And we're glad to see that Burt Day shares the same observation.


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