Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Was John McCain the Real Winner in the CT Senate Primary?

Powerline has a note regarding the fallout from last night's CT primary race. Glen Reynolds writes:

McCain's appeal to independents and to some Democrats -- the appeal that enables him to run ahead of Clinton in some polls conducted in liberal states -- may not withstand a tough race following two more years of (what may well be) difficult sledding in Iraq. But last night suggests that, at least at this juncture, many on the left side of the center will not reject a candidate they like and respect merely because he's on the "wrong" side of the single issue of the war.

Straight Talk Iowa Style knows that John McCain appeals to many more people in this country other than just Republicans. That unitary appeal will be the common trait we beleive many Americans will be looking for in 08 given the somewhat devisive, yet absolutely neccessary, need to defend ourselves from global terrorism.


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