Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Spending Out of Control: That's Some Good Straight Talk

John McCain talks tough on the federal budget while eating pork at the Iowa State Fair:

“We are living in difficult times, there are many challenges and Americans are not happy,” McCain said. Congressional spending, he said, is “out of control” and solutions must come through a bipartisan effort.Asked why Social Security is in such dire straits, his answer was direct: “Because we have no guts. We need a national will to say ‘no’ to stop the robbing of this fund.”

Here's the Straight Talk from John McCain on how to fix it:

* “I start by vetoing spending bills. There is just too much pork-barrel spending and we must become fiscally responsible.”

* “I would work more closely with our military allies. We need their support in the struggle that is ahead.”

* “I would speak every two weeks to the American people. You need to know what is happening — about the war and the many serious issues we face.”

That's what Straight Talk Iowa Style is talking about plain and simple solutions that can work if we have the will. That national will stuff he's talking about... comes from strong leadership on the issues and the courage to act on them.


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