Thursday, August 17, 2006

Reagan 80/20 Rule and John McCain

The Radio Iowa Blog has a transcript of John McCain's Q & A with reporters regarding his Presidential aspirations. Specifically, McCain addresses questions about his conservative credentials here:

Q: Senator, you talked in the past -- you're a conservative, but you've talked about being a centrist and trying to unify the whole country and appealing to Democrats and Independents -- does the Caucus here, dominated as it is by conservatives, make you have to fight against that natural impulse to reach out?

McCain: I don't know, Mark. I think that most people attribute our low approval ratings of cognress to our inability to get anything done, that we've not really accomplished anything and that as you well know, as least in the senate, requires at least some level of bipartisanship because of the 60 vote requirement. I think most Americans are wanting us to work together on certain issues and I will, if I run, speak with pride over the things that I've been able to do in a bipartisan fashion and I understand and appreciate the bitterness in American political climate today. I watched the Lieberman thing, the Joe Schwartz election. I pay close attention to them but I still, every poll and every indicator that I see -- people want us to work together on issues that transcend partisan politics.

The premise of the question is flawed. It presumes several things: first that being a conservative means you can't get anything done. That is far from the truth. Conservative victories in the Congress have been numerous, including the confirmations of Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court. The second presumption is that just because McCain "reaches out" to others he is not a Conservative. The effects of reaching out to others leads to getting things accomplished for America.

This is why Straight Talk Iowa Style claims that John McCain fits squarely into Ronald Reagan's pramatic ideolouge model. The Reagan 80-20 rule is demonstrative of this claim. Republicans may agree on things 80 percent of the time and not the other 20 percent. That's what you have here and that is why John McCain is the guy who can get things done for America.


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