Wednesday, August 23, 2006

McCain Well Received in Poweshiek County

Kay Henderson at the Radio Iowa Blog reports that while stumping for State Rep. Danny Carroll, John McCain was well received by Poweshiek County Republicans.

McCain launched into the "meat" of his speech -- it was brief -- then fielded questions. He may have been saying these things in much the same way since 1999, but McCain hasn't been saying them here in Iowa and the audience reaction was positive. Mid-way into his speech in Grinnell, McCain interrupted himself right after he'd talked about Iraq and the world situation to invite all the veterans in the room up front to take a picture with him. The crowd applauded as the pictures were snapped.

Straight Talk Iowa Style believes the MSM story line about McCain missing Iowa in 00 has lost steam and credibility. The premise that Iowans would just turn away from a Presidential candidate because he didn't' have enough money to campaign here in 2000 is dismissive of Iowans and how serious they are about giving candidates the hard look.


At 1:33 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Iowans look at him as a candidate who didn't have enough money to campaign here. I think Iowans look at him as a candidate who thought he didn't need Iowa to win the nomination. That hurts our feelings!


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