Friday, August 11, 2006

McCain Organization Coming Together Nationally

The Analysis Department here at Straight Talk Iowa Style has commented on the encouraging moves made by the McCain Team in putting together a solid national campaign organization.

Before the weekend starts we want to recap where the McCain organization stands today in IA, NH and SC.

August 1, we commented about the solid team put in place here in Iowa and the team being put in place in New Hampshire.

August 2, Lance Tarrance, noted political consultant, signed on to the Straight Talk Express.

August 8, Former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon and former Carol Campbell Chief of Staff Bob McAllister both agreed to Co-Chair McCain's Straight Talk America PAC.

August 10, Henry McMaster, Attorney General of South Carolina, signed on to Co-chair McCain's Straight Talk America PAC.

Several plausible conclusions can be drawn from the recent moves. First, South Carolina is crucially important to John McCain and understandably so. Second, McCain wants to capitalize on his past success in New Hampshire and leverage the state's open primary to his advantage. Third and most importantly, McCain will run hard here in Iowa to maintain that front runner status.

After the mid-term elections look for the organizational ground game to start in earnest in the three key early states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.


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