Thursday, August 03, 2006

McCain has Gravitas to fill Top Spot

From now until Election Day we will hear about who's got the "right stuff" to become President. An observant and loyal reader has alerted us to an article by NRO editor Kathryn Lopez that follows this line of inquiry, read on:

The vice president usually has an edge going into the primaries because he’s close enough to the president to associate himself with the credibility that comes with being leader of the free world, and just far enough away to distance himself from full responsibility for unpopular presidential decisions. But in the absence of a Cheney 2008 charge at the White House, a substitute VPOTUS-like candidate has emerged. I don’t know if running as the VPOTUS-like candidate will work for John McCain, but it has its advantages. The key thing? While having some pretty extreme differences here and there, he can latch onto something reassuring at a time of war: experience and continuity.

Straight Talk Iowa Style knows that this nation needs strong, proven leaders capable of fighting our enemies when we are at war. Do you trust John F. Kerry to fight the war on terror? Maybe Hillary Clinton, or John Edwards hardly.

But McCain is hardly the heir-apparent and the staff here at STIS thinks rightfully so. No one should get a free pass to become President of the United States. We're confident that John McCain knows this and is going to fight hard for every vote regardless of his challenges. Lopez states:

[]McCain has his challenges securing a right-wing fan base. As a recent Esquire piece made clear, he’s not all that chummy with conservatives, especially religious ones, who are key to winning GOP primaries.

Our analysis is that McCain looks like the "VPOTUS-like candidate" because he is ready and more importantly the American people think he's ready.


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