Tuesday, August 15, 2006

McCain does Well in Iowa Focus Groups

Patrick Hynes at AnkleBitingPundits has a some great analysis in his post about recent focus group testing regarding John McCain and how Iowans view him. Very encouraging stuff for those of us on the ground here.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz is well known for his focus groups and his clever, sometimes imaginative, analyses of them. Luntz recently conducted focus groups of Republican voters in Iowa and New Hampshire “to find out what Republican primary voters will be looking for in a presidential candidate.” His results: John McCain and Newt Gingrich scored very high, Rudy Giuliani is beloved but faces issues problems, Mitt Romney faces religion problems, George Allen turns women off, and Bill Frist doesn’t appear comfortable in his own skin.

Straight Talk Iowa Style ran it's own neighborhood focus group this weekend and the results were mixed. Many of our neighbors are still on the fence and not ready to commit to any one particular candidate. McCain was spoken of well by our neighbors but no solid committments as of yet.

Our analysis is that for many bean-riding, cattle-feeding folks here in Iowa it way too early to tell. That's why folks like us need to get out there and start educating our neighbors why John McCain should be the next President.


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