Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Long Way From Iowa...

John McCain's stature in the United States is having an effect on British politics. McCain will be in Bournemouth, England next month to speak to the British Conservative Party. Martin Kettle at the Guardian Unlimited posits the following:

This fact alone [McCain's presumed Presidential Candidacy] ought to remind us that there is something in this deal for McCain too, and not just for the Tories. McCain is running very hard and seriously for the Republican nomination. Gone is the insurgent anti-establishment candidate who gave Bush such a run for his money in 2000. Today McCain aims to be the candidate of the Republican establishment he once derided - and with that aim in mind it does him no harm at all to be taken seriously and admiringly by Britain's revitalised conservatives.

Read about it here and here and here as well.

Straight Talk Iowa Style
disagrees that John McCain "derided" the Republican establishment. We would agree that he has an independent style. McCain's rock solid record on the budget and his moral clarity on fighting terrorism indicate that he is "in line" with the Republican establishment.


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