Monday, August 28, 2006

Draft McCain Movement Needs Your Help!

The Draft McCain Movement is seeking your assistance. In June they pressed their cause in Des Moines at the State Party Convention. Hoping to persuade delegates to support John McCain for the 2008 GOP nomination, Charlie Szrom (above), Draft McCain Movement Chairman, told delegates how John McCain represents the values that most conservatives and most Americans hold dear: support for our troops' efforts in Iraq and a commitment to cutting wasteful government spending, among other principles. (We seem to remember that they were the only organized grassroots support group in attendance.)

Now the McCain Movement is traveling to Concord New Hampshire to press the cause with delegates at their state's Republican Convention on September 30. Specifically, the McCain Movement wants to plaster the New Hampshire convention with T-shirts, buttons, literature, and if enough support exists, purchase local media.

Stop by the Draft McCain Movement site and lend a hand if you can.


At 10:03 PM PDT, Blogger Charlie Szrom said...

Thanks for posting this, Straight Talk Iowa Style! I just got back from NH - it was even better than Iowa - I'll send you an update with a press release tomorrow.

One small thing - you identify me as the male in the picture from Iowa - that's actually our National Grassroots Coordinator, David Asp.

Charlie Szrom
Chairman, Draft McCain Movement


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