Monday, August 28, 2006

Chuck Larson Interview on Fox's Big Story

Chuck Larson, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa and an Army Reserve Major who completed a yearlong tour in Iraq was interviewed by John Gibson on Fox's Big Story. Larson clearly articulated why John McCain is the early favorite among many in Iowa:

John, No. 1 — it's good to be with you today — but for a couple of different reasons, No. 1, Sen. John McCain is a fiscal hawk. Secondly, he is a social conservative, with a 24-year pro-life voting record. But from my perspective, the most important issue, whether it's 2006 or 2008, is going to be national security and the global War on Terror. And Sen. McCain recognizes that we must win this war for our own nation's security.

Watch the complete interview here.

Straight Talk Iowa Style likes Chuck Laron's credentials. We know that he served in Iraq and has seen with his own eyes what type of threat this nation faces. That counts for alot with us here in corn country. Also, his support means that many in the Bush 00 and 04 camps are probably not too far behind. If anything this interview was part of the subtle campaign roll-out planned for Iowa over the next few months.

Look for McCain to be back in Iowa to help Nussle and several other candidates who are in a "tight" before Election Day. Maybe McCain will even positively influence some of these races. Straight Talk Iowa Style has noticed that John McCain has been very aggressive in his support for candidates across Iowa and the rest of the country for that matter. Probably much more so than then-Gov. Bush in 99. This type of support will have a definite impact at the local level when it comes time for local legislators to start recruiting volunteer organizers in their districts after the 06 elections.


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