Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bush Team merging into McCain Team

One of the trends that Straight Talk Iowa Style has had it's eye on for several weeks now is the alignment of the Bush Campaign Team with the McCain Team. This alignment has been occurring in the key pre-Super Tuesday states, Iowa, New Hampshire and overtures have been made in South Carolina.

Here in Iowa Chuck Larson has signed on to lead McCain's efforts along with some other notable operatives from '00 and '04 including: Craig Schoenfeld, Matt Gronewald, and sources say Becky Beach.

While it looks like efforts in New Hampshire are in the preliminary stages, McCain's team has been securing key operatives from the Bush '04 campaign. The Nashau Telegraph reports that:

The New Hampshire primary is still a year and a half away, and McCain says he won’t make a decision about running for president until November. In the meantime, he is putting together a team of supporters that is a campaign staff in all but name. In many cases, McCain is drawing the support of people who did not support – or outright opposed – his last presidential run.

In New Hampshire, that effort has already yielded some results. Earlier this year, McCain’ s political committee signed up Susan Duprey, who served as George W. Bush’s New Hampshire finance director in 2000.Chuck Douglas, a former Republican congressman and New Hampshire Supreme Court judge, is another recent addition to McCain’s team of political advisers.

Douglas, well-known in state conservative circles, said he was attracted to the Arizona Republican by McCain’s record on government spending. He said McCain’s fights against waste in the federal budget make him the most reliable fiscal conservative of any potential Republican presidential candidate.

These early moves sound good...from the top down. Now it's time for the grassroots, those of us down here in the corn and bean fields to rise up and meet these folks halfway. Team Straight Talk Iowa Style is encouraged that solid and knowlegable politicos are signing onto the Straight Talk Express.


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