Monday, July 31, 2006

Patrick Hynes' article, Hurting the Ones You (Ought to) Love, in the American Spectator touches on the reasons why Straight Talk Iowa Style could not fully endorse Ryan Sagger's premise on which the STIS opined in a July 30 posting.

Hynes, who if you haven't heard is working for Straight Talk America, concludes his analysis of Sager's article by stating that:

Yet despite their political impotency, the libertarian Right appears bent on bringing down the one political movement that has tolerated its know-it-all-ism and has in fact dragged it into the halls of political power along with it, rather like a ball and chain: the Christian Right. It is beyond arguing that a Democrat Congress would ever grant a hearing to small government libertarians come budget time. Under a Republican majority, made possible by the rise of politically active conservative Christians, the libertarian Right has had every opportunity to appeal for smaller government. That its appeals have been -- and continue to be -- unpersuasive cannot be the fault of Religious conservatives.

The analysis team here at Straight Talk Iowa Style agrees with Hynes' penultimate statement, that active conservative Christians have made Republican majorities possible and rightly so. That is why it is our contention that John McCain's Reaganesque philosophy is poised to fuse traditional GOP voters and the Purple Mountain voters together in 08.


At 11:40 PM PDT, Blogger Jeff Fuller said...

Hynes may be smart . . . but he doesn't seem too wise. He's been accussing others (mainly Romney grassroots bloggers) of payed/organized political blogging exactly at the same time when he's been doing the same thing.


Funny how he "comes clean" after he's caught. That sounds like "damage control" and not intellectual honesty.

Did McCain make a good hire here?

All that being said . . . It's great that another GOPer finally has some Iowa grassroots web support (or are you a staffer/affilliated?). I'm a big fan of Romney and run "Iowans for ROmney" Check it out when you get the time.


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